The container ship MOR U.K. in the locks. She was built in 1979 as the Russia ship NADEZHDA OBUKHOVA.

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  • I see that you and Roger have known each other for a good while Jack. No, I’m not part of the Tilbury Landing Stage group, my visits to Essex are few these days. When I do get back to Tilbury I enjoy ‘trawling’ around the old haunts where I grew-up. No pint at the Anchor though, and no St. Chads school!! 

    The 14/08/2014 posting titled “World War 1 Remembered at Tilbury Fort” is a perfect example of my suggestion to you regarding a weekly compilation of your ships collection. Ten or so photos, each titled and with the photographers credit.

    I am surprised that you have not had more comments on your postings from seamen or dockers who must have memories of some of these ships!

    By John Baldry (15/08/2014)
  • John: Your suggestion would appear to have come at the right time, seeing that Jack has found a further stash of negatives from the earlier 1960s.

    As for me, I have known Jack for ages, and we spent a lot of time on the river bank at Grays, Tilbury, and elsewhere, watching and photographing ships … in the days when the river was busy and docks were busy.

    I have concentrated my post-good ol’ days years writing about and studying ships’ history, and this continues to take up much of my time, from a farm property in remote western Ireland. Last time I saw “live” ships was four years ago in Dublin and Holyhead when journeying to and from the UK and from the bar in the yacht club in Grays. But none, these days, has the same “character” of those that I fondly remember.

    And I have not yet started on putting my own photos on to the site. When I do, I will go along with your suggestion.

    By Roger Jordan (10/08/2014)
  • That is a very good suggestion from an Old Southey Walkan.

    By Barry Banks (06/08/2014)
  • Hello JOHN   I do not have the dates of all the photos that I have taken, but I will look back on the negatives and try to add more. I have just found a set of photos in the early 1960s.     2,   I can add photos on a weekly bases without a problem but I usually add photos when its raining and I am not out doors.                                                                                3, with regards to Roger, we only communicate via this site , hence the promps or via e mail even though we have known each other for 50+ years.  Are you one of the group that meets on Tilbury Landing Stage ?                                                         JACK WILLIS

    By Jack Willis (06/08/2014)
  • Message to Jack. Clearly both you and Roger Jordan love ships and for those of us who follow this web-site they are a wonderful reminder of Tilbury’s great maritime importance. I have two suggestions:- 1) Give a date of when the photo was taken; 2) Instead of making a single posting of every ship, how about compiling a single weekly posting of many ships? This way the reader can go into the posting and just scroll, and importantly it would avoid other ‘New/Comment’ stories being moved from the ‘Home’ page too quickly.

    By John Baldry (05/08/2014)

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