N R CRUMP in Tilbury

N R CRUMP was built in 1969 and owned by Canadian Pacific (Bermuda).

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  • I was an Australian engineer on the N.R.Crump in the winter of 1977 and joined the ship in France, as 5/E. I had Part A 2nd’s and 1st’s and had sailed on Oz tankers for 12 months. The Geordie 3/E stopped me at the gangway and demanded to know where I served my apprenticeship (questioned my skills and experience). As I soon found out this was important as some of the engineers were under certified and travelling on exemptions (shortage in Europe at the time), including the 3/E. One fellow had no formal training or qualifications at all.

    Very little automation worked. The tiny automatic package boiler was full of unburned sludge oil and totally manual (Shut the burners and the fire would keep going – very dangerous). Scavenge fires galore (RD Sulzer), which lead to a major air filter fire that cut short our Sunday BBQ on the aft deck. No spares outside yard originally supplied. At least 10 M.E breakdowns from Panama to Squamish. One was when a fuel cam came adrift and fell into the sump. Interesting. Another was a liner change (no fun when at sea). Very dirty Engine Room, considering the large Filipino crew who were on the ship for 18 months straight and going nuts (the No1 was a gem), so CP sacked them and replaced them with a Chinese crew. I had many new experiences on this ship.

    Overall, I enjoyed the ride (abt 5-6 months, I think) and the mates and engineers, and their wives, were great fun.

    By Lindsay Smith (16/01/2020)
  • I was 4th Eng. on the Crump. Went on leave from Tilbury. 12/11/71 rejoined Antwerp 22/11/71. Best ship I ever sailed on. They put me on the Port Hawkesbury after they, hated it.

    By Leo Bond (24/09/2019)
  • This was my 1st ship I went on for CP as a 5th engineer I will always remember going to Tilbury to join her in 1971 the dockers working took to their office while we waited for here to dock one of them was Harry Gibbs the boxing Referee (Copper v Bugner) took Harry on board for few drinks later.

    By Robert Dicker (06/06/2017)

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