N R CRUMP in Tilbury

N R CRUMP was built in 1969 and owned by Canadian Pacific (Bermuda).

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  • I was 4th Eng. on the Crump. Went on leave from Tilbury. 12/11/71 rejoined Antwerp 22/11/71. Best ship I ever sailed on. They put me on the Port Hawkesbury after they, hated it.

    By Leo Bond (24/09/2019)
  • This was my 1st ship I went on for CP as a 5th engineer I will always remember going to Tilbury to join her in 1971 the dockers working took to their office while we waited for here to dock one of them was Harry Gibbs the boxing Referee (Copper v Bugner) took Harry on board for few drinks later.

    By Robert Dicker (06/06/2017)

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