SIMOUN on Wouldhams jetty

from Jack Willis

I took this photo in about 1961? She was a very old coastal collier of about 1930?   Can anyone add any more details?

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  • Excellent photo. This steam collier started life in 1932 and was originally owned by Ellis & McHardy Ltd, of Aberdeen. She was built as SPRAY (960 tons gross). In 1962, her owners took delivery of a new ship of the same name and the ship that is in the photograph was renamed SPRAY I. Less than a year later she was sold to a Greek owner and renamed SIMOUN under the Greek flag. This was one of three visits she made to the Wouldham jetty in 1963, after which she went out to Greece. The coal cargoes that she brought to Wouldham’s were from Hargreaves Coal & Shipping Ltd, of Hull, which for many years had carried coal cargoes from NE coast ports to the cement factory wharf.

    By Roger Jordan (12/06/2014)

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