A typical day working at Tilbury Riverside station

In the late 1940’s and 1950 I worked in the Shipping and Forwarding Department of Thos. Cook who had an office inside Tilbury docks and I have fond memories of working in the docks meeting passengers arriving on the Ellerman Line’s ‘City’ ships, Brocklebank line and the very first ship I met the Bibby Line’s ‘Worcestershire’.. I also remember when the Clan Line canteen opened as an alternative to the PLA mobile canteens.  But I also spent a lot of time at the Landing stage..and a typical Saturday would start taking business on board one of the P&O ‘Strath’ liners from Australia. This might be followed by a Union Castlle boat operating the ‘Round Africa’ service which was different to the Royal Mail service ships from South Africa which docked in Southampton.  All of these passengers and their luggage were cleared through Customs and then were taken to platform 4 of the Riverside station from which the trains ran to St Pancras. Some of the passengers with lots of luggage used cars hired form local taxi operator George Rickett who had a number of suitably large cars.  Later in the day a boat train would arrive with passengers for the Swedish Lloyd service to Gothenburg or the William Muller’s line service to Rotterdam on the small ship the Batavier II..but before they loaded they might be preceded by one of the Royal Mail Line’s ‘Highland’ ships heading for South America.  Such was a typical Saturday at Tilbury Riverside ..and if there was a brief interlude there might be time for a swift cuppa and a pork pie from the station’s buffet………..Oh those were the days ..and I loved my job

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  • Reg Stevens was area Train-crew Manager at Ripple Lane with an office at Dagenham Dock.
    Bill Palmer was assistant Area Manager at Dagenham dock and shared his office with Reg.
    Reg always had butter puff wafers for lunch wrapped in a napkin.
    I met and worked with both around 1975, never a dull moment with Reg.

    Jim Turner

    By james turner (24/10/2020)
  • Both my father and maternal grandfather worked at Tilbury Riverside. Ted “Stripey” Jewell who was the Railway police Sargeant ( and arch enemy of all hooligans and ne’er do wells) and Arthur Dalton who was a radar operator.

    By Percy Dalton (11/01/2019)
  • My father worked at tilbury riverside station and I do remember my dad’s best friend was a reg Stevens he was promoted as master it was just about year or so I think then it closed and reg got hold of this table from the office very heavy wood then I think he retired me and my dad use to go round to see him ref was such a laugh I use to sit on stool or lap till I got to big and he liked smoking a pipe and odd tipple of whiskey I think in 1990s he moved out of Essex xx

    By Miss heather palmer (10/01/2019)
  • This is such a wonderful story- I am researching my father’s family and have come to learn his fondest memories were at Tilbury Riverside spent with this uncle the Chief Booking Clerk who was promoted to the Station Master in the 1970’s . I am hoping to find out more information about his time their. 

    By Charlotte Castle (15/01/2015)

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