Tilbury Riverside Station

Some pictures from the 1960s

Here are some pictures taken mostly in the 1960’s.

Pictures of the manually operated railway crossing at Fort Road before the road bridge was built.

Can anyone supply names for the people in the porters room?

Tilbury Riverside c1960
Bill Cowin at crossing keepers hut Fort Road c1960
Bill Cowin at Fort Road crossing c1960
Railway Crossing Fort Road c1960. Notice Midland Railways Sign
Bill Cowin with station cat in Ticket Collecters box Tilbury Riverside Station c1970
Porters Room Tilbury Riverside Station c1960
Tilbury Riverside Station c1960

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  • Was a newcommer to Tilbury & Brunel Close about 1971. Use to often go to the end of back ally across the railway crossing to Ferry Feilds. Later when my sons arrived took them over there on many occations, just to play & have fun, they learnt to ride their bikes there, when we had a lot of snow would go there & throw them into snow drifts, Later one of them thought they could walk over one of the ditches & disapered below the slim so I had to jump in & rescue him, we both stunk like polecats. Later they both went over & came back with all sort of rubbish they had dug up, most of the bottles are now burried in the back garden of Brunel close. I think they found the bomb shelter ? under the old Snake Bridge, I’m sure they done a lot more as well but harmless fun.

    By Joe (25/10/2018)
  • I lived at 13 Canberra Square in the 1960’s. I remember Ken very well, he lived at number 9, he had a red ,a green and a white thunderbird at different times, I rode in them all and he ran over my trike. Long live Billy George

    By Chris George (01/01/2017)
  • I remember Ken. He drove me to church the day I got married to John in 1972.

    By Dawn Goyette (07/11/2014)
  • I worked parcel trains into tilbury riverside station in the 1960’s also tilbury docks freight liner, john jeramy was the shutter. Early years I would go to the riverside pier to wave goodbye to my uncle aunts & cousins on the castle line boats.

    By Bob reeves (08/07/2014)
  • Well, I never knew that that mound of earth over the Ferry fields was always known as Bum Hill!  We used to call it that too in the early 80s.  We used to go over the railway crossing at Brunel Close which was just duckboards across the tracks.  The other side of that was what we called Tilbury dump.  We used to find all sorts of things over there which we thought was treasure.  Bits of old plates from the hotel and I once found an old toy iron elephant that had been flattened.

    Does anyone remember something which used to look like a bomb shelter over by the landing stage, but on the other side of the road to the entrance?  As kids, we stumbled on it by accident whilst exploring.  It was an S shape inside and had benches along both sides.  I’m assuming it was a bomb shelter of some kind unless anyone can shed some light?  Its been bugging me for years!

    By Jackie Featherstone (03/02/2014)
  • I also remember Ken with his big American Thunderbird car, it was a memorable sight back then it had bright red leather seats, he used to clean and polish his car by his lock up garage just off Canberra Sq, he gave me a lift home from Grays once, myself and my friend Phil Thompson always used to admire his car and have a nice chat with him, Phil Thompsons dad used to work at Ripple Lane depot and Phil went on to become a driver there, I started my Railway carreer at Tilbury Riverside signal box in June 1969 as a box boy, I then went onto a Signalman at Low St, then to Purfleet Rifle Range,  I also used to work the odd day at Tilbury. riverside Stn, esp when the cruise liners came in and we used to use the electric ride on trolleys to help with the cruise line passengers luggage to the trains,

    I also remember Bill Russell signalman, and Ted Nuttall, and Bill Downward  shunter at Riverside, all nice people and fond memories all circa 69 and early 70s

    jimmy Warne

    By Jimmy Warner (03/02/2014)
  • Bum Hill! I haven’t heard that for years. Blimey that brings back memories, we used to go ditch jumping in between that crossing and Bum Hill. Used to get soaked and filthy, Tony Gardner and Paul Steele, great times! I had a mate in the mid sixties who lived in the Railway cottages as well and used to go round his house for tea. It’s brilliant that people are uploading these images, Tilbury has changed so much since I left there in 87, all those fields where we used to play and my Dad when he was a kid have all gone now.

    By Dave Thompson (19/01/2014)
  • The last picture on this page thats my father, Norman Gibson on the left, he was a shunter at that time.

    Happy memories

    By Alan Gibson (04/01/2014)
  • I have heard of a story about a foiled robbery at Tilbury Riverside Station in which a person was injured. Later they were presented with a Gold watch for bravery. It could have been between 1940- 1950 time , but can’t be certain. I believe that the person injured was a Mr William George Meen. If anybody has any details on this confirming the date and person of this avent i would be very pleased to hear from them.

    By TedSargeant (13/12/2013)
  • I have heard about the “dust chute” in Tilbury – was that what would nowadays be a waste transfer station ? was it on the land where Sharps scrap yard is now ?

    By Steve Kimmings (22/10/2013)
  • The top-most photo was taken from the pedestrian only crossing near what was then the ‘Dust Chute’ across the railway lines with the engine sheds on the right and the railway cottages in the centre before crossing the ferry field to reach the ferry walking over what we called ‘bum hill’.

    By Duncan Grant (18/10/2013)
  • I knew your Granddad, I was in the same class as him all through my years at St Chads with him and I think he might have been at Manor Way to. He was a very nice quite boy, and never got into any trouble, I remember my friend Ivy morrel had a huge crush on him. I did read about his passing in the Gazette many years ago and was very sad to read it.

    By Odette Stevens (27/08/2013)
  • My grandad worked at tilbury riverside station frank Dupree, could anyone give me any information or do they remember him ?

    By daniel Dupree (13/05/2013)
  • The young boy is Roy Bridgehouse and I am sure the lady is my sister Joan who worked in the Riverside canteen at the time

    By andy reynolds (29/12/2012)
  • I remember Ken and had a ride in his red car. On the floor would be loose change from when he got petrol. I also worked on the railway as porter at East Tilbury then i worked at Low Street until it closed. I closed up after the last train, turned out the lights and locked the door for the last time and the key snapped in the lock.I shall always remember that.

    By Ted Sargeant (Jnr ) (23/10/2012)
  • I remember going to the signal box Ken had a record player and was into Ray Charles remember playing hit the road Jack and others, would’nt be allowed today, thats if there are any signal boxes left.

    By andy reynolds (22/10/2012)
  • Yes. Ken Walters, used to live in Canberra Square. Lovely man. I had many a ride in his Thunderbird.

    By Cliff Cowin (19/10/2012)
  • doe’s anybody remember black Ken who worked the signal box near the hairpin bridge, he used to drive around tilbury in a large red american convertable car.

    By andy reynolds (18/10/2012)

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