Tilbury Riverside Station - Railway and Ferry Story in Pictures

A new booklet by Gordon Hales

Front cover of the book

This is a new little booklet from Gordon Hales which has many photos and information about Tilbury Riverside Station Railway and Ferry Stories.
It is on sale for £6.00 and copies can be brought at Tilbury Riverside Arts and Activity Centre, Ferry Road. 
Please phone Annie 01375-859911 to arrange to collect your copy.

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  • Lovely to look back at these wonderful photos, some not seen before. I do not want to appear picky  or even pedantic as it’s obvious a lot of work has gone into this publication. The photo of Peninsula Road showing the PLA houses, Gordon asks what is wrong with the trees, well, as I was born and raised in No 15, the house in question the sapling in the font garden was never there to my knowledge during the 50’s, and the one leaning over on the pavement was, I’m told probably a victim of the very large horse drawn carts that would make their way into and out of the docks, and as we’re on the junction of Peninsula and Ferry Roads, they’d be turning then and that tree was most certainly a victim. Lastly, just to say that there was no ‘R’ in Peninsula, yes possibly a bit pedantic but I seem to have spent a lot of my life correcting people. Great job though, thoroughly enjoyed.


    By Mark Nunnery (27/03/2014)
  • Does anybody that worked at Tilbury Riverside Station have any memories of a foiled robbery at the station around the 1940s( i have been informed that it may have been 1942 c ) .The person who foiled the robbery was awarded a gold watch for doing so. If anybody has any info i would love to hear from them.

    By Ted Sargeant (14/11/2013)

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