The Tilbury Hotel

A lost landmark

A drawing of the hotel
From John Smith
Tilbury Hotel and gardens
From John Smith
Hotel staff
From John Smith
View from the hotel in winter
from John Smith
View from the hotel in summer
From John Smith
The docks from the hotel
John Smith
The Thames from the hotel, 1939
From John Smith
From a window, 1939
From John Smith
Furniture from the hotel
From John Smith
Sign and half melted bell
From John Smith

The Tilbury Hotel was one of Thurrock’s lost landmarks. It was part of the original docks development, and opened on April 17th 1886.

The architect was Mr. E. A. Gruning and the builders were Perry and Co. of Bow.

Standing at the entrance to the dock, it became a familiar sight to travellers and was much used for overnight stays by passengers arriving or departing on the many cruise ships which operated
from Tilbury.

The hotel provided facilities of a very high standard and unusually for the 1880s,was able to provide electric-light throughout.

It was destroyed by incendiary bombs in 1944.

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  • Can anyone tell me what the grand smaller house type building to the right of the hotel was My husband used to play underneath it

    By Yvonne (03/11/2018)
  • i was thirteen at the time and lived directly accross the river in pier road. my mother, sister, and i went to the bottom of pier road and watched it burn. i seem to remember horses being saved and some screaming as they were burnt to death. not a nice memory. to continue, i also saw crystal palace burning. staying at elmers end with my aunt.

    By roy paton (06/08/2013)
  • I was a young girl at the time and we saw the Hotel on fire from where we lived in Maple Road Grays.

    By Audrey` Richards (09/07/2013)
  • My older brothers and parents saw the fire following a Luftwaffe raid, my dad was just starting his shift as an ARP, so the fire was watched from a bedroom window. It’s certainly true about the intensity of that fire as the heat could be felt at our home, just the other side of the hospital. Also the fire could be seen from the East end of London.

    By Mark Nunnery (04/07/2013)

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