Lansdowne School photo

Circa 1966/7

This Lansdowne school photo must have been taken some time around 1966-7 (obviously in the summer). I’m not sure what the occasion was, but it can’t be a class photo as both myself and my brother (who is 18 months younger than me) are in it – we were never in the same class.

I can recognise about one-third of the children, and perhaps put names to about ten of them.

Interesting to note that there are far more girls than boys in the picture – not sure why.

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  • I left in 1965, moved to Stifford Clays, I can remember a few names. Beverley Ward. Joanne Small, Kay Turner, Mandy Jacobs. and I think one of the boys names may be Frankie

    By sheree (08/03/2019)
  • I’m Diane Bishop by the way. 3rd row down, 2nd on the left.

    By Diane Mcmahon (23/02/2019)
  • I think I remember it being school choir?

    By Diane mcmahon (22/02/2019)

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