Power Station

Does anyone remember the fire?? Was anyone killed???

The fire at the power station was very recent, about two years from today. I remebered the day excatly like it was yesterday. I was at theTilbury Doctors that day having a check-up when the nurse stood up and shut the curtains, i was very concerned so i asked why she shut the curtains. She told me that there were black flames coming from the power station. I rushed home with my mum to where we lived and looked out from my bedroom window at the flames that seemed quite close to our house. We live down Moore Avenue so we live quite close to the power station. My question is did anyone witness the fire? Did anyone work there whilst the fire was blazing on?

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  • I worked at the power station when it had the fire. No body was seriously hurt. Many of us were given the day off due to smoke.

    By Jan (27/02/2019)
  • I remember the fire very well. I had only been in my job as Tilbury Fort manager for a couple of months when  one of my colleagues came in and told me that the power station was on fire. I thought she was joking and said it was probably just smoke coming out of the flues, but I went out to check anyway. It must have been around 8:30 to 9 at this point and there were very obvious flames and lots of black smoke coming from the main building. We decided to take a closer look and within minutes there were numerous helicopters buzzing around, lots of people heading towards the scene taking photos, and the chief fire officer was briefing journalists along the riverside footpath.

    There were various journalists and media crews in the vicinity, quickly taking over the World’s End pub as their base. One of the barmaids told me she had been asked to come in early due to the fire! Some of the helicopters were fire spotters but some were tv film crews relaying the aerial footage to BBC, ITN and Sky news. I was interviewed live on the BBC and also by a number of newspaper reporters. When I went home about 6:30 I saw one of the BBC London presenters being filmed live on the sea wall in front of the World’s End.

    By the next morning the area was noticeably absent of media people despite the power station still smoking, although by this point it was under control. It had already become old news. I think there were at least 200 firefighters involved at one point and fortunately nobody was killed and I don’t believe there were any serious injuries although some people were taken to hospital.

    By Kevin Diver (19/12/2013)

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