Blue Anchor Pub

West Tilbury

The picture shows Florence Hunt in the rear doorway and her niece Violet Ashdown outside the Blue Anchor pub, with two of her children. The name F.A Hunt is over the door.

The information originally came from David Jaundrell. There is more pub history including other Tilbury pubs on UK Pub history.

More about West Tilbury on this website:  West Tilbury viewed form the church

Also on the West Tilbury Village Hall website

Blue Anchor, West Tilbury - circa 1930 (David Jaundrell)

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  • The twins Abigail & Sophie used to live here. I was the village paper boy during the 90’s…

    By Ian Dunne (02/01/2022)
  • Mandi Barrett
    I live in West Tilbury and have a substantial archive on the parish including information on Violet Ashdown and her family.
    I can be contacted via this website.

    By Martin Dunne (06/03/2019)
  • Some smashing names there. I had the great pleasure of their company when I joined West Tilbury CC in 1961. Those names bring back fantastic memories. Really, really happy days.

    By Barry Banks (08/02/2019)
  • My memories of playing for WestTilbury crcket during1952-1955 are of the a team about that time :- George Allen (his sister Beryl was scorer and their father was umpire) Les Mitchell, George Spencer, Taffy Fletcher, Ron Fogg, Frank Price, Sam Ridgeway, Lenny Mott, Nobby Clark, Ted Darcy, and of course myself. Happy Memories

    By Anthony (Tony) Duligal (06/02/2019)
  • Does anyone remember Thomas Ashdown and Mrs Violet Ashdown? there are my grandparents and I am trying to get some information about them.
    Thank you, in advance.

    By Mrs Mandi Barrett (10/09/2018)
  • Nigel.                                                                              Reading your comments about the Blue Anchor & the Kings Head, do you remember Tony Moore your father and mothers friend. We knew you before you went to Canada.

    When they came back to the UK they stayed with my parents for a while. Until they were settled.

    Lyn Moore 

    By Charles Blake (04/09/2015)
  • I reiterate Barry Banks’s comment about the Blue Anchor being the after-match venue for West Tilbury Cricket Club.  My dad was Reg Johnson, who was the fixture secretary for many years.  I remember we moved to the King’s head also, but I never went inside as I was only 15 when we emigrated to Canada.  Many happy hours in that garden to the left, drinking lemonade and eating Smith’s Crips with the little blue DIY salt bag inside 🙂

    By Nigel Johnson (03/09/2015)
  • Jim Chapple is right.  The’Blue Anchor’ was popularly known as the “Scoutmasters Arms” because of the patronage of the Scouting Commuinity using the nearby Condovers Campsite.  

    I remember John McGlennon as a Boy Scout -and I remember him starting his apprenticeship at Dagenham.  His Dad, Jim McGlennon, was Group Scoutmaster of 5th Tilbury Scouts after Frank Fyford.

    I also remember Billy Gill And Jim Chapple from the days when they were Boy Scouts in the 5th Tilbury Group.

    Thanks for the memories !!

    By harry o'neill (06/11/2014)
  • I too remember this quaint old pub and delivered meat there from Chadwell Co-Op and visited it with my old father in law, Joe Beadle. I posted a picture of John McGlennon on another page under PEOPLE  5th Tilbury Scouts. I remember John’s father as a sub officer at Tilbury Fire Station

    By William (Billy) Gill (22/10/2014)
  • Thanks Jim, it seems pretty certain that we’re talking about the same John McLennan. From 1964 to 1966 I travelled with him between Tilbury and Harold Hill in his white Mk 1 Ford Capri, I was a student and he was an instructor.

    Percy Dalton

    By Percy Dalton (21/10/2014)
  • Is this the same John McLennan that used to be an instructor at the Ford Apprentice Training School at Harold Hill?

    By Percy Dalton (20/10/2014)
  • I believe John went on to be an Instructor for Fords. My recollection is that he started at Briggs Bodies at Dagenham as a Tool Maker apprentice in the 50’s, having left the County Tech in Grays. Both living in Tilbury we met through Wesley Hall Youth Club and the 5th Tilbury Scouts. We progressed through to the Rover Scouts and shared many adventures through to the late 60’s. 

    By Jim Chapple (20/10/2014)
  • More interesting pictures and facts about West Tilbury can be found on the West Tilbury Village Hall website

    By Cliff Cowin (20/10/2014)
  • Popular drinking spot for the Thurrock Rover Scouts, particularly due to its closeness to Condovers. Still remember the “last night” there in the company of many old friends, including John McLennan (sadly non longer with us) and Dennis Barter (still a Tilbury resident). A sadly missed pub which often figured in our thirst quenching runs out into the countryside around Tilbury.

    By Jim Chapple (18/10/2014)
  • This where West Tilbury Cricket Club used to drink on match days but then received a better offer from the King’s Head ! Smashing memories and lovely times.

    By Barry Banks (27/09/2014)

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