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The World's End - date unknown
The World's End more recently
John Matthews

The World’s End has been a Tilbury watering hole for several hundred years – before the town of Tilbury was established.

There was a tavern on (or near) the location of the World’s End in the 17th century. Pepys mentions visiting it in his diary.

After Tilbury Fort was rebuilt in the late 17th century, the landing point for the Tilbury – Gravesend ferry was moved to the World’s End.

In the 1840s, it was the site of a successful agricultural market, established by William Creed, who was the landlord at the time.

During the 1st world war, the Belgium Re-mount Depot (preparing horses for army use) was established besides the World’s End.

The World’s End reopened after a fire in 1998. The reopening was attended by Barbara Windsor and Steve MacFadden from the BBC soap opera Eastenders.

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  • My parents ran the pub for a short time in 1935. In those days there was a fine view from it, now hidden by the sea wall.
    I remember running off to slide about on the muddy foreshore and being hosed down in a large sink.

    By Roy Ballard (08/04/2018)
  • Yes, Pepys definitely visited a “pub” on or near the site of the present World’s End. The present structure was probably built a little after his time and was initially known as the Ferry House.

    By John Matthews (06/09/2016)
  • Oh, OK -I was going by the  above comments:

    “There was a tavern on (or near) the location of the World’s End in the 17th century. Pepys mentions visiting it in his diary. “

    By Mikey (05/09/2016)
  • Pepys evidently mentioned the original pub in his Diary,Volume 2: “Thence to “The World’s End,” a drinkinghouse by the Park; and there merry, and so home late.“

    (Unfortunately, this is a drinking house in Chelsea, not our “World’s End” which did not get that name until much later – John Matthews.)

    By Mikey (02/09/2016)
  • This pub used to be my dads local in late 50’s early 60’s, I think the landlords name was Hagger? at the time, I think he had 2 daughters. I remember when they opened the barn as a tea room on Sundays. My dad stayed friends with the family after they retired I seem to remember. I also remember how lovely the inside was…….very old with uneven floors and walls doors that were crooked etc.

    By kathryn opie (18/11/2012)
  • The page makes me recall when The Worlds End Pub gave its name to the waterfront and surrounding area in the Fifties and Sixties. It was always lets go down the Worlds End. On reaching freedom of movement and trust youngsters grew up with this being a small resort for the community. The moat a boating lake and swimming pool. The Fort, a play area. There was a small cafe and Dalton peanuts had a stand. The little putting green gave loads of fun. Fishing overnight in the moat for eels gave us fun and taught us how to be street wise. A great childhood had.

    By Peter Hewitt MBE (15/05/2012)

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