Story of The Roads

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History of the names of the roads in Tilbury

By Annie O'Brien

August 7th, 2013 was the premier of the DVD 'The Story Behind the Roads'. This tells the history of the street names of Tilbury town featuring voice overs from June Brown, Peter Hewitt MBE , Les Morgan, Sue Yates, Jack Doodes, Shirley Doodes, George and Shelia Ridges and Project manager Annie O'Brien.

The memories room was open for browsing, refreshments and the chance to play the game of TILOPOLY. The new Tilbury and Chadwell calendar was on sale. There were free copies of the A-Z of Tilbury Street names.

Any questions: ring Annie 01375-859911

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Comments about this page

Hi could you please tell me where we can get the tilbury and chadwell calendar from?

By susan mccrory nee Malthouse
On 12/09/2013

I believe that you can get them from Annie at the TRAAC. Contact her first though, because she is not there every day. I suspect that they will be available at the event on October 11th as well.

By John Matthews
On 12/09/2013

you can also get them from Tilbury Library during normal opening hours.

[Note: This comment (and a number of others) was not published at the time it was submitted. Our apologies to everyone for the mistake. I don't know whether there are any copies of the video left. 

John Matthews]

By Janet Dudek-Cross
On 06/01/2014

Hi, can anyone tell me where Park View Avenue used to be in Tilbury.  My father was born at number 11 but it is not on modern maps.

By Charles Blake
On 08/12/2013

Hi   I have lived in Tilbury all my life never heard of Park View but there still is still Parker Ave. and Parkside

By Audrey` Richards
On 08/12/2013

Park View Avenue was what is now North View Avenue.

By Lea Cornthwaite
On 08/12/2013

Thanks for that Lea, when did it change the name.

By Charles Blake
On 10/12/2013

Afraid I don't know. Have a book of my nan's (who lived in the street all her life) with her address in the front and she dated it 1927, so after then. I've seen a map of 1952 where it is North View, so some time between.

By Lea
On 10/12/2013

very enjoyable film

By andy reynolds
On 16/01/2014

i have got the calendar, a to z book and dvd and i have found them to be really interesting. Hope other items become available. Thankyou they have brought me many memories. How about a book made up of the photos you have got on this webpage.

By susan mccrory nee Malthouse
On 27/01/2014

A good idea! I will keep it in mind.

By Annie O'Brien
On 06/02/2014

Very interesting production and good for younger generations and newer Tilbury residents. do you think BBC might be interested in using it for a programme about Tilbury and how it has changed over the years? 


By Stella
On 04/11/2014

Very good film but where is the pictures of the bridge over the riverside station. I have not seen any pictures of it yet. So if anybody has got any can they put them on the site. As I lived in Tilbury from 1947 up till 1958 when we moved to Chelmsford.

By robert downes
On 06/11/2014