1953: Railway Cottage Children

These are the Railway Cottage Children taken at the street party for the Queen`s Coronation, 1953. Top Back Left. Rosa Beck with my mum Betty Downes holding brother Gregg./ Back row. Dave Newport / Me / Brian Jelly / Alec Ellingford / ? /
George Jewel / Middle row. ? / My sister Miriam / Alan Dalton / his sister / ? / far right Josephine Gregory / Very front brow ? / ?/ far right my brother Robert.
Does anyone know the missing names?

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  • What a lovely idea to post this photo. I belonged to Thurrock Harriers along with Brenda and her father Jack Grinney. If you are reading this Brenda it would be lovely to hear from you!

    By Barbara Coleman (03/08/2022)
  • It looks like I missed the front row list.
    Starting from the left it is
    Tina Ellingford / ? / Keith Jelly / ??? / Terry White /

    Rod Downes

    By Rod Downes (13/06/2022)
  • My sister Brenda corrected me and the girl in the front with the kilt is Brenda Grinney and sister Pat thinks the girl behind the Barrand sisters is Linda Chester.

    By Percy Dalton (13/06/2022)
  • Rod I agree with you on most of the names except that is not Georgie Jewel, I think it’s Peter Webb’s brother in law and the child he is holding is probably one of the Webbs.
    In the front row that looks like Keith Jelly holding Peter Juniper and moving to their left I think it’s Linda Chester, Marion Stowers, Brian Dalton, Terry White and in front of them Derek Smith. Incidentally my eldest sister is Pat.
    I’ve also just realised that the two girls on the left of the front row are Sylvia and Rosemary Barrand.

    By Percy Dalton (12/06/2022)

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