A few teachers names from 1977-1982

St. Chads 1977
List of teachers that I can remember.
Head. Mr Bannister but he took over from a head who’s name escapes me.
Mr. Pugh slipper or cane administrator can’t remember what he actually taught.
Deputy. Aggie White
Mr. Jones, a Welsh man head of woodwork and metal work dept.
Mr Pilarick chemistry teacher I think,
Mr Atherton, English teacher.
Mrs Whitbread & Mrs Evans P.E teachers
Mr Reeve’s, Art teacher.
Mr. Burnley, either geography or history teacher.
Mr. Dichanko maths teacher
Mrs Mason maths and form tutor.
I can’t think of other teachers names a present but maybe someone else might remember..I’ll add more info as I recall it at another time.

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  • Mr Pugh walked round with a stick up he’s suit sleeve

    By Terry (16/10/2019)
  • For me I went to St Chads from 1985-1990 (I think..)
    Mr Pugh was the I.T. & Math’s teacher and head of year if i remember rightly.

    I remember Mr Jones a very tall man we were all scared of him.

    Mrs Terry- (French Teacher)
    Mrs Humphreys (English Teacher) She had a hump on her back so got picked on by the class sadly.
    Mr Ballard (Science Teacher)
    Mrs Ballard (English Teacher) (Husband & Wife)

    Mr Griffiths (Welsh) (Art teacher)
    Mr Frazier (Music Teacher)
    Mr Swift (Geography Teacher)
    Mr Key (Basic Geography Teacher) Used to take us out on trips in the school van.
    Mr Bunyun (English Teacher i think)

    By Mr Raymond Head (02/08/2019)

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