Construction mystery

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By Annie O'Brien

These photos were sent to me by Ted Shirley and he is asking does anyone know what was under construction.


Please let us know if you do!

This page was added by Annie O'Brien on 08/08/2014.
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No mystery. This is the dock extension work which took place in the late 60's. The main contractors were Howard's and Mowlems, for whom I worked at the time. The extension was into the "wilderness", a Mowlems term, that lay between the dock main entrance and "Jumbo Bridge". This was where the PLUTO line had been constructed prior the the Normandy Invasion. Many of the "supports" for constructing the pipeline had to be removed. The pictures are of the Howard's site(s) with the caissons they sank clearly visible.

By Jim Chapple
On 09/08/2014

Possible construction of No.1 Shed about 1960, which is/was opposite 32/33 shed Tilbury. Lower photo shows, just below top of picture, River Thames and shoreline of West Gravesend

By Tony Duligal
On 09/08/2014

I think this is the coffer dams for the granary.

By andy reynolds
On 15/08/2014

Not sure what is being constructed, however, P&O's Strathnaver/Strathaird is in the background.

By Gary Kelly
On 21/10/2017