More ariel views of Tilbury

P&O liner 'Strathnaver' on Tilbury Landing stage

Taken moments later, closer and with better detail
Dated Sept 1946 one noticeable absence, the Dwellings on Ferry Road.

May 1934 a sunny day on the Thames, this photo taken with a good camera and a decent lens (probably Leica ) lots of detail both of the riverside and the town.

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  • After some digging found some further information.
    1943 East block dwellings demolished due to war damage. From Tilbury on the Thames Port and Military links – Jonathan Catton.

    By Graham Crook (11/07/2020)
  • I have no recollection of that. I have very fond memories of the Dwellings, and the impact of the dock on our lives. Dad worked for Harland and Wolff, mum and her sister (my aunt!?) worked for the London Scaling Company; as ship’s cleaners, nan worked in the hospital, as I and my sister grew I started an apprenticeship with Green and Silley Weirs and my sister went to work for the PLA. One of those dock families as was called!
    We lived in the docks until demolition started to be talked about and eventually moved to Canberra Square, nan carried on living in the Dwellings until she too moved out, can’t remember the exact date of the demolition; 1962 keeps coming to mind but I’m not that sure.

    By Graham Crook (11/07/2020)
  • If you re-read Mark’s comment you’ll see that he is referring to the, by then, demolished 3rd block on Ferry road. It’s true that the St. Andrews road block and the Orient road block appear in the photograph.
    I was also born in the St. Andrews road block in 1948.

    By Percy Dalton (09/07/2020)
  • Previous correspondence; Dwelllings was actually in St Andrews Road

    By Graham Crook (07/07/2020)
  • Someone wasn’t familiar with Tilbury in 1946!? Whoever is saying the Dwellings aren’t in the photo, is wrong. The photo needs to be expanded and you can see the Dwellings near to the dock gates, and one other reason why I know, I was born in the Dwellings in 1946!

    By Graham Crook (07/07/2020)
  • I should have mentioned for the ship buffs, it’s the P&O ship ‘Strathnaver’ on the landing stage.

    By Mark Nunnery (03/09/2013)

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