Emigrating to Australia before the First World War

The Aberdeen Line ship 'Themistocles'

By John Matthews

We have been contacted by Dr Damian Sutton who is the Professor of Photography, Film and Visual Culture at Middlesex University.

Dr Sutton is researching into immigrants from Tilbury to Australia in the period preceding the Great War, and specifically the experiences of a young man from the Sheffield/Rotherham area who emigrated to Australia in August 1914, before fighting as an ANZAC at Gallipolli. This young man's story is fascinating and includes sailing from Tilbury on the Aberdeen Line ship ‘Themistocles’.

Can anyone point him towards locals sources on the Docks themselves during this period and from which dock the ships actually sailed?

Does anyone know about the ‘Themistocles’ or the operation of the Aberdeen Line in Tilbury?

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