Carnival in Tilbury

This photo show a float going through Tilbury Town. In the middle of the photo is Valerie and Bernard Anderson aged about 10 years old. Can you name any others in the photo?

A Carnival float

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  • the smiling girl in the middle with the black band down her dress is Evelyn Clark, of Ottawa Rd…friend of June and `Maureen Clarke

    By Evelyn Rogers / nee Clark (26/11/2021)
  • Bottom left my grandad, Kenneth Richard Pears from Quebec Road

    By Lara Smith (13/02/2021)
  • In the centre at the back end of the lorry is Maureen Clarke and to her right, is her sister June Clarke rear corner.

    By Robert Shovlar (13/05/2018)
  • I think the lad standing to the right of the truck with the glasses is Jack Russel. I think he lived in Stephensons avenue.

    By ken Carver (26/04/2014)
  • I worked with Elsie French at London Transport in the 1960s.I was a conductor and she was a conductress I knew her quite well A lovely lady she was too.

    By Terry Clark (10/02/2014)
  • Thank you for putting the photo on it definitely brings back memories of Tilbury for me. Though I still live here don’t matter what people say I still like it.

    By Linda Tucker (02/11/2013)
  • to be honest I don’t think it is my mum as she was definitely brought up in coopers shaw road in gravesend there were lots of children and what a coincidence she had a brother called John who died a few years ago. And we lived at number 12 Stephenson for many years until 2010 when my mum died of cancer that is very strange.

    By Linda Tucker NEE Pearson (01/11/2013)
  • The lady to bottom left is definitely Elsie French. Elsie was my Auntie and looked very much like my dad Harold. Elsie worked on the buses for many years I recall. She was raised from the circle at Tilbury and Stephenson Avenue but never knew she was born in Kent always thought born in Tilbury.

    By John French (31/10/2013)
  • Hi, my mums maiden name was Elsie French she was born in Kent. Not sure if this is my mum are you on about the dark haired lady at the back to the left of the lorry. My husband says it looks like my mum :0) I’m just not sure :0(

    By Linda Tucker was Pearson (30/10/2013)
  • The lady standing at the at the rear of the truck on the left hand side is Elsie French

    By Ken Carver (18/09/2013)

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