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This is a duplication of picture already on this website with messages Manor Way Junior School

As you can see I have added numbers to make it easier to identify. The latest list of pupils are below which can be updated.

I thought this might stimulate some more interest and help to find the missing names.


1 Shirley Rogers



4 Linda Humphrys


6 Sandra Lambert

7 Sandra Gibbons


9 Charlie Eldridge

10 Ronnie Atkinson

11 Terry Keeble

12 Terry Dowman

13 Billy Mansfield

14 David (Monty) Hale



17 John Shovlar

18 Barry Brook


20 Michael Barrett

21 Cliff Cowin

22 Paul Carter

23 Lenny Bushel

24 John Hardcastle

25 David Grant

26 Roy Bridgehouse

27 Terry Sutcliffe


29 Carol Parfrey


31 Caroline Haynes

32 Annie Shepherd


34 Maureen Saunders


36 Valerie Langham

37 Norma Bass

38 Peggy Hitchcock

39 Sandra Wakeling


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  • Thanks Andy. I have added the additional names.

    I have been trying to compare the picture with the St Chads pictures to see who is missing.

    I have come up with the following possibilities and would appreciate any thoughts/confirmation:-

    No. 8 Linda Wilson

    No. 30 Lynette Morrell

    No. 33 Carol Cox


    By Cliff Cowin (03/06/2015)
  • I have had someone else look at the picture and they have suggested that No. 30 is Ann Shepherd and No. 32 is Carol Cox.

    By Cliff Cowin (03/06/2015)
  • Number 1 Shirley Rogers, number 32 Annie Shepherd.

    By andy reynolds (01/06/2015)
  • Thanks Andy, I have now updated the names.

    By Cliff Cowin (27/05/2015)
  • No 7 Sandra Gibbons,  No 18 Barry Brook.

    By andy reynolds (24/05/2015)
  • Thanks Carol. I have now added your name.

    By Cliff Cowin (23/07/2014)
  • again I think no 29 is myself Carol Parfrey

    By Carol Tuck (21/07/2014)

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