Tom Bennett: Scruttons Football Team

Obituary from Daily Telegraph

Hi Annie I have attached a photo showing a team from Scruttons Ltd.  The interesting thing is that the person standing next to the referee is named Tom Bennett.   Tom’s obituary was published in to-day’s Daily Telegraph  perhaps you could read it.   I certainly did not know of his war record and it was something he never spoke about. It just goes to show your can walk with giants and still not know their size. Regards Tony Downey

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  • Thanks for that Tony,had a nasty health scare 3 years ago but now ok still under the hospital though.Hope u are keeping well It’s been a long time no see!!!

    By David Seaman (17/02/2013)
  • Nice to hear from you David. Hope you are well. The names are Back row: Jack Taylor (ref).Tom Bennett Joe Rooney Ron Rouse Tony Downey Bernard Hurley Brian Fletcher Eric Cole (Manager) Seated John Gregory Terry Bailey Ted Winter Vic Yates Frank Clayden.

    By Tony Downey (16/02/2013)
  • Tony,interesting photo,I obviouly recognise yourself,Joe Rooney,Vic Yates and I think Brian Fletcher,could you put names to the others some of whom seem familiar.

    By David Seaman (13/02/2013)

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