ANDONI PALM with a crane toppled on her deck

Jack Willis

This accident happened in spring 1971. she was unloading hardwood logs from Africa.

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  • Audrey if you go on Palm Line Wikipedia you will see that she was scrapped in 1982 Regards Jack i am always pleased when people enjoy seeing my photo collection.

    By jack willis (20/07/2022)
  • I went to rivington road secondary school from 1967 until 1972, and the andoni palm was our “adopted ship”, we wrote letters to the sailors as part of English lessons, we followed ports the ship travelled to as part of geography, and even maths was brought into the play as well. My main question is, does the ship still exist, or has it been broken up. Would be grateful for any information that can be supplied

    By Audrey knox (19/07/2022)

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