ARCO ARUN in Tilbury

Jack Willis
Jack Willis
Jack Willis

The dredger ARCO ARUN being supported by the floating crane TAKLIFT 7 after being lifted from her collision with the Thames Barrier. This photo taken on 1/99. I have added a photo of her at the Thames barrier

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  • She didn’t collide with the Thames barrier that was another company dredger, The Arco Arun sank going around the gravesend corner as the 2nd mate took the turn too late and the Master left the bridge briefly not spotting they were to tight to the channels starboard side.
    She grounded and took a 20 ft gash in fwd compartment causing rapid water to ingress. She left the channel to the anchorage but slowly capsized due to various issues with watertight doors and failing of the cargo dump valves.

    I was an officer cadet on it off watch when it happened.
    So I know!

    By Alexander Hoyland (14/03/2023)

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