Keats Gardens

Coronation street party

Keats Gardens coronation street party
from John Smith
Coronation street party
from John Smith

Here we have a street party in June 1953 I believe, at Keats Gardens, Tilbury to celebrate Queen Elizabeth 2nd coming to the throne.

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  • I moved to 10 keats from fielding Ave when they was be knocked down I think 78 ish. I love living on the back of the marshes..

    By Teresa Udell-Stringer (collins or williams) (25/04/2021)
  • I lived at number 10 in the corner, the Smiths no 1 Tysons no3 Webster’s no5 Taylors no6 Summers no8 Penfold’s no9 Jackson no11 Maynard no11. Can anyone fill in the spaces…Tony Webb

    By Tony Webb (14/03/2019)

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