Sleepers Cottage Chadwell

Small engraved picture

A small engraved picture of sleepers cottage Chadwell St Mary.

Looking a lot different then today.


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  • I was told by the late Randal Bingley, that one of the things found was a witches’ bottle. This protected the house (and its occupants) from witchcraft. They were believed to be effective so long as the bottle was hidden and unbroken.

    By rjm (15/09/2022)
  • I worked for Bill Carpenter about 1964 Bill and myself used to take flat boxes to the wine company’s in London in an old tames trader with vacuum brakes l also worked on the Carpenters removals,l remember Mrs Carpenter had a little cafe across the road, l then started working in the workshop as a trainee mechanic great memory’s good times ,l can remember when some great big burly men came from Norfolk to rethatch the old house very spooky place at the road end had a false wall and a skeleton of a cat was found some other bits of history were found must one now good luck 👍

    By Alan Brooker (14/09/2022)
  • Roger died a few years back. The bungalow where he and his mother lived, together with its garden and Carpenter’s lorry yard was re-developed for housing and is now St Stephen’s Crescent.

    By rjm (03/04/2018)
  • Used to live at 5 river view just 25 yrs from this graham mash lived there we used to play together in the 50s cross keys pub opposite.Carpenter’s kept their lorries there Roger carpenter had a celcon concrete block delivery contract !

    By Chris Parkhurst (02/04/2018)

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