Eighty Years On (1936)

None of us listed under ‘Baptisms’ will remember each other from then, but some of us did get to know each other during our school days and perhaps some of you still meet-up now? HAPPY 80th. BIRTHDAY, for around this time, to any of you who follow this excellent website……… John.

For any local historians, the article on this page is an interesting read. 

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  • I grew up and lived at 12 Moore Avenue Tilbury Essex with my foster parents Mr & Nrs Hobbs. Sally lives next door but her street was on the side off of Moore Avenue and our friend Allan Wood lived opposite. I went to Landsdown Upper and lower primary school. Foster brothers David, Brian and David Hobbs and Sisters Jennifer Macfarland andJoan Mackaskill of Scotland. Their children Barry Hobbs, Sharon and Vanessa Hobbs, Toni and Rhonda Macfarland. Lost touch a few years after I left in 1977 when I returned to my biological parents.

    By Paul T Obatuyi. (14/09/2023)
  • Looking to see if Alan Wood knows Sally and lived on Moore Avenue in Tilbury

    By Topy (22/05/2021)
  • Well done John.

    By Barry Banks (11/05/2021)
  • Can it really be five years since I made this Post!!
    In that time, sadly, two of my school days friends from St. Chads, who are on the Baptism List, have passed away. Firstly John Gent, who was a fine school boy athlete, and more recently Shirley Watkins, the pretty little fair haired girl, from around the corner, who in her late ‘teens was a very nice ballroom dancing partner. Both gone but not forgotten.
    Happy 85th BIRTHDAY, for around this time, to those of you on the Baptism List, who look into this web site……… John

    By John Baldry (09/05/2021)
  • Allan, your friend may have been Bill Hodge, we were at St. Chads together, and he went on to be a Senior at 3rd. Tilbury. I can’t recall the Jewell lads, Percy.

    By John Baldry (12/08/2016)
  • John, I was not in the troop but knew of it from a friend at the time, Bill (forgotten surname), who was a senior scout at the 3rd. Tilbury.

    By Allan Wood (28/07/2016)
  • i lived next door to Shirley Watkins grandmother Mrs Whitmarsh at 53 Ottawa Road she was a formidable old lady 

    By AudreyR (21/06/2016)
  • Having been in the 5th Tilbury Scouts (Wesley Hall) I wonder what happened to the 1st, 2nd and 4th ?

    By Jim Chapple (20/06/2016)
  • John, I was with the cub pack from around 1955 to 1959 and went through the ranks i.e. Seconder, Sixer and then Pack Leader. I joined the Scouts but lost interest shortly afterwards when my mother died in 1959. From your time with the Scouts you’ll maybe remember my uncles Ted and Georgie Jewell they’re both around your vintage. We also used to meet in the same hall which was known as the Institute. The names I remember from 3rd Tilbury in those days are Joe Beadle and his son Bob, Roger Kimble, the Keeble twins, Wally Walsham, Len Wood and if I remember correctly Miss Sedgewick from Manorway school had something to do with the Brownies.

    By Percy Dalton (20/06/2016)
  • I scouted with the 3rd. Tilbury for about three years 1948-51, knew Wally Walsham, but can’t remember the name of the leader before him, who lived in Wren Walk. Our troop meetings were in the Church hall, corner of Sydney and Dock Roads, I think. Were either of you, Allan or Percy, in the troop at that time? I don’t know whether or not the troop is still active.

    By John Baldry (17/06/2016)
  • Your threepence beats my 3rd. I think Percy. About the same price as a pint of beer back then!!

    By Allan Wood (09/06/2016)
  • Oh yes those halcyon days when Wally Walsham was the scout leader and Len wood was the cub master.

    By Percy Dalton (02/06/2016)
  • It could also mean 3d entry fee.

    By Percy Dalton (30/05/2016)
  • In Social Events, Scouts 3, could be the 3rd. Tilbury troop, which was associated with St. John’s in the 1950’s. Is it still active, I wonder?

    By Allan Wood (27/05/2016)

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