Tilbury Scrubbers!!

The Tilbury Scrubbers!

This fabulous photo shows local women armed with their buckets to go on the ships in Tilbury docks to make them squeaky clean!!

Do you recognise any of these wonderful hard working women?

(Another photo)

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  • Great photo’s my Grt Nan Maud Foreman, her mum Eliza Foreman and her sister in-law Winifred Foreman were all Scrubbers . Her father Henry Foreman and brothers Harry, and l believe her brother Clarence all worked inTilbury Docks all lived in Tilbury too

    By Jane SHORTALL (14/12/2019)
  • Hello,
    Eighth lady from the ship is Margie Crook (my mum) and seventh lady from the ship (with glasses!?) is Eileen Carr (mum’s sister and my auntie). I think the first name of the lady next to my mum is Nider ?; can’t remember last name. We used to go to her house as kids for Christmas parties. Lovely picture. Fondest memories. Thanks

    By Graham (Ted) Crook (23/08/2018)
  • my nan Iris Malthouse was a charge hand on the swedish lloyd ships cleaning them when they came into port and my mum also worked on them. Her name was Pearl Malthouse.

    By susan mccrory nee Malthouse (11/09/2013)
  • My mum was a ship scrubber for many years, although she isn’t in this photo for some reason. Her name was Flo Hollands and she later worked on the Swedish LLoyd line cleaning their boats. They used to arrive at the landing stage on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I believe.

    By kathryn opie (02/08/2013)

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